Below are a handful of design projects I have worked on over the recent years from both client and personal workings. Unfortunately the extent of my works cannot be displayed publicly though I believe those below are indicative of me as a designer. I strive to create simple, minimalistic, grid-based design solutions across all media with the majority being digtal.

Some projects & clients inclue:

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Grids for Sketching

Every designer has a process. Their theory, their technique, their method. With each differing from one to another, they all have at least one thing in common: sketching.

It may be a scribble on a post-it note, a doodle on a whiteboard or a squiggle in an art diary — it’s a sketch. I have found along the way, from project to project, that these sketches need a little more guidance toward the final product. A little reassurance that this idea may actually succeed, once it is a detailed design. Possibly a couple of lines, a grid, may do the trick?

My previous Art Director developed some “grid books” for our team to use. Since then, I have recreated and refined the templates and are now what you see here: A series of grid system templates, which can be easily printed to sketch up layout, logo, illustration and other design concepts.

The grid structures include:

  • 16 Column
  • 12 Column
  • 10 Column
  • 5 Column
  • 4 Column
  • 3 Column

Hopefully these templates help in your design processes. Feel free to get in touch with any suggestions or ideas you may have.

Download PDF

A few examples

Here are some sketches using the Grids for Sketching templates. I find printing at A5 is most productive.

I try to minimise detail — only text for key headlines, lines for body copy, block shapes for images, and squiggle lines or shading for any emphasis if needed.